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Need A IPhone 6Plus Repair?

Getting your iPhone 6Plus repaired with us could not be easier. Simply select your repair service and follow the instructions. As soon as your iPhone 6Plus arrives one of our trained technicians will diagnose your iPhone 6Plus and repair it within 3-5 working days.

We fix 1000's of broken iPhone 6Plus devices every month. Please select your iPhone 6Plus Repair Below.

Not Sure Of The Fault on iPhone 6Plus

Is your iPhone 6Plus dead?

Have you attempted an unsuccessful repair on your iPhone 6Plus? Order this repair, and we will find out what is wrong with your iPhone 6Plus. Your initial £24.99 will go towards any additional repair cost.

Diagnostic Service £ 34.99

Do You Have A Water Damaged iPhone 6Plus?

We are highly experienced in recovering water damaged iPhone 6Plus devices, and we have a 9/10 recovery rate. If you have dropped your iPhone 6Plus down the toilet, or left it in the washing machine, this service is recommended for you.

Liquid Water damaged £ 34.99

Cracked External Glass

Cracked Glass+LCD Display

Diagnostic Service

Liquid Water Damaged

Software error fix

Rear Case


Home Button

Charging Syncinc port

Power Button

Mute Button

Volume Button

Headphone Jack



front Camera

Rear Camera





Sim Reader

Repair This Device